AG Immune Regulation

Group Leader: Dr. Carlos Plaza Sirvent

The Immune Regulation Research Group focuses on understanding the mechanisms that control the immune response. A correct function of the immune system in the organism is essential to fight against pathogens and cancer cells. Furthermore, dysregulation of the immune system may lead to autoimmune diseases. Because of their immunosuppressive capacity, we are interested in the biology of regulatory T cells. In particular, our group aims to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the suppressive function and cell survival of regulatory T cells. Our work currently focuses on deciphering the role of proteins implicated in the death receptor-mediated cell death signaling in regulatory T cells. Moreover, our research is also focused on understanding the activation of cell signaling pathways involved in survival and function of regulatory T cells. Because these cells are able to abrogate the immune response, these insights will allow us to modulate their function and control the regulatory T cell population, opening new therapeutic approaches for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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