The next meeting of the DGfI study group Signal Transduction will take place within the frame of the STS Meeting on Signal Transduction: Receptors, Mediator and Genes in Weimar on November 4th-6th 2024. Registration is open via

Poster2024 Focus On Speakers Highqual
Poster2024 Focus On Speakers Highqual

July 2024

Our Flow Cytometry Facility is now part of the Medical Research Services of the Medical Faculty of the Ruhr University Bochum. Welcome FlowCore@RUB!

June 2024

The meeting of the DGfI study group T cells took place on June 27th-28th. It was the last time happening in Marburg.  Many thanks to Magdalena Huber (Marburg) and Tobias Bopp (Mainz) for organizing this terrific meeting for many years – and, of course, to Michael Lohoff (Marburg) for initiating it! And congrats and thanks to Dietmar Zehn (Munich) and Bertram Bengsch (Freiburg) for being elected as new speakers of the study group and for taking over the meeting organization!

Akt Meeting Marburg 2024
Akt Meeting Marburg 2024

2021: Find more about us in the ScieGuide Bochum 2021 (at page 60 in the pdf)

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